Realize the Potential of Your Yard

Looking to enhance the landscaping around your home or business? Perhaps you’re simply hoping to improve the condition of your lawn? Whatever your need may be, we have the appropriate solution.

Landscape Design & Installation:

We offer a number of landscape enhancement solutions to our customers, and they include:

  • Landscape Design and Consultation
    Our customers are informed and involved during the planning of their project and during its progression. We use a computer-aided application to visually present to the client what their finished project will look like onscreen. This allows the customer to “see” the end result, and allows them the chance to voice their concerns and provide valuable input that could lend insight into the direction of their project.
  • Shrub and Tree Installation and Transplantation
    We will install smaller trees and shrubs of your choosing in select locations around your property, as well as relocate any existing trees and shrubs to more suitable locations.
  • Plantings and Bed Creation
    Beds are created to accentuate the borders of your lawn including those around your house, walkways, trees, and gardens. When designing, we will keep in mind interest of shape and color, expected growth of vegetation, and flowering periods.

Hydroseeding & Sod Installation:

Whether you are putting in a new lawn, or replacing an old one, we offer two services which, depending on your needs, present their own rewards and can fulfill your expectations.

  • Hydroseeding
    Our first action is to grade your yard and to apply a layer of topsoil. This layer is raked to remove any small rocks or roots. Finally, the seed and a fertilization solution are sprayed evenly on the topsoil.
  • Sod Installation
    The topsoil is applied in the same manner as it is with seeding. However, the process of laying the grass takes a considerable amount of more time, but with an immediate and noticeable result.