Every Beautiful Lawn Needs Regular Upkeep

Let us schedule a maintenance program that’s right for you. This will help ensure that your lawn looks its best for you and your guests throughout the upcoming year.

Lawn Mowing & Trimming:

Depending on the customer’s preference, our crew can be scheduled to arrive on a weekly or biweekly (every other week) basis. Our first task at each account is to remove any sticks or other large debris that can interfere with the cutting. We then use professional equipment to mow and trim the edges of your lawn. Also, any grass clippings are blown off the surfaces of driveways, walkways, and patios before we leave.

Bed Edging, Mulching, & Maintenance:

Bed edging is done with a gas-powered edging machine (in order to get a straight and even line) and a hand spade tool. Mulch is spread evenly by hand and tamped uniformly. Beds are periodically checked for weeds and any other unwanted growth. Any weeds that are found are pulled and all beds are treated with a herbicidal solution as a preventative measure.

Pruning & Trimming:

Ornamental shrubs, hedges, and trees are aesthetically pruned or trimmed and any clippings are gathered and removed.