A Great Way to Start and End the Year

Let us restore your yard from the damaging winter months with a spring clean-up and prepare it once again for the off-season with a fall clean-up.

Spring Clean-Up:

For the first several weeks of spring we provide superior clean-ups to our customers. There are several services we provide during these clean-ups and they include:

Raking and Removal of All Debris

Upon arriving to each of these accounts, we rake the yard clear of any leaves, sticks, and any other winter debris. Bushes and beds are cleaned of any collected yard wastes by hand.

Sand Sweeping and Removal

Sand is swept from the grass along the edges of driveways and sidewalks with a power broom, and any sand on those surfaces is swept and removed.

Final Blow

We then give the entire yard a “final blow” to ensure anything that was missed from raking has been completely removed from the lawn.

When we leave, the property (including planting beds, shrubs, hardtop surfaces, etc.) is immaculate and ready for the warmer months ahead.

Fall Clean-Up:

Towards the end of our season we focus most of our labor on our fall clean-ups.

Here are some of the services we provide with each fall clean-up:

** We tend to delay making this service available until all or most of the foliage has dropped from the trees. This is primarily to protect each of our customers from a premature clean-up and because of the concern that our efforts could be undermined with further exfoliation in the waning weeks of fall. **

Leaf Removal

Our first task upon arriving at your home or place of business is to collect the bulk of the leaves in your yard. This is done by raking and/or blowing the leaves and gathering them at the edge of the lawn, preferably curbside. We then remove the pile from your property with the aid of our leaf-sucker and haul it away.

Gutter Cleaning

We will remove any leaves or other waste that can prevent proper water flow throughout your gutters.

The method in which we do each fall clean-up is similar to that of our spring clean-up in that both produce the same satisfactory end result.